Friday, October 18, 2002

Whenever I looked at you,
I feel a sudden sadness,
Because I know you are someone,
Who could never be mine.
Maybe I have noticed,
The sudden changes I am having lately,
I just couldn’t handle it anymore
I can’t go on pretending.
I hate myself for not being able to admit it
I am too afraid of the consequences that are bound to happen.

Your smile keeps on haunting me
My mind is telling me to forget you, but how?
For long I have loved you in silence.
I tried to show it,
Hoping you’ll soon see.
The feeling I hide for you
Yet! You are blind.
Or maybe you are just not ready,
For something like this,
Or maybe you’re just waiting for my move,
A move that might never happen.

The distance between us is getting bigger.
I couldn’t do anything but to admire you from a distance,
I know what ever happens,
You and I will remain just a dream.
Only in my dreams I can hold you tight,
Only there I can tell you’re mine
But when the dream is finally over
Reality creeps through my heart and say,
You’re some who could never be mine.

Lemuel R. Villegas